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Dear Member,

Knysna Golf Pro Shop.

Our previous communication dated 14 October referred to our club standing with our golf shop tenant, Hedzup Golf. Following due process and our financial diligence exercise, our club has reached an amicable agreement with Hedzup Golf.

Our club has subsequently begun managing our Golf Pro shop internally since 01 November. Carina remains a valuable member of our club and will continue to enjoy her golf at our club.

We look forward to offering members and visitors enhanced service while improving the visibility of our Knysna Golf Club brand. Our offer includes member discounts, branded golf apparel and equipment, golf cart hire, equipment rental, second-hand golf balls and trolley hire. It also includes providing PGA training to Cornelius Julies, who has subsequently been employed by our club. Shop layout and golf cart enhancements will be phased in early next year in order to avoid disruption during season. This also offers our club the opportunity to align current resources, staff development and incentives.

We envisage a well- stocked retail shop offering a variety of quality brands at affordable pricing, gift vouchers , sponsorships and financial transparency with one centralised point-of-sale.

We trust we will enjoy the support of members and visitors alike.

We invite you to celebrate the successful hand- over of the shop with Carina and the committee on Thursday 10th November @ 18h00.

Kind Regards, KGC Committee