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Your greens committee consists of Sean Tanner, Peter Oosthuizen, Tienie Terblans and Chris Dixon.

We strive to

  • provide an enjoyable golfing experience for all players by presenting a well maintained course in excellent condition, and
  • keep members informed of current and planned activities that affect the course.


As a result of the fire, the ongoing drought and unusually high winds we have lost a number of trees and we have no choice other than to remove them from the course.

We have also trimmed overhanging branches from some gum trees and some will be removed entirely as falling branches pose a danger.

Please avoid standing under gum trees in high winds.

More trees will be planted when conditions are more conducive to growth and when water is more freely available.

Course Maintenance

During January and February our course becomes exceptionally busy but the show must go on. Unfortunately maintenance work has to take precedence on non-competition days and players are requested to be tolerant of machine noise and the occasional disruption to play. All greens are mowed well before play starts but rough, tee and fairways will be mowed during playing hours up to 2 p.m.
Please help us keep the course up to the standards you expect.


Due to heavy traffic the greens have become slightly stressed and work is being done to aerate the sub-surface without the need for hollow tining. Bare patches are being attended to but should be treated as GUR in terms of the Rules of Golf.

Sand bags and pitch marks

All players are reminded that sand bags are required and are requested to kindly fill their divots and also any unfilled divots that they may see.

With the increased seasonal traffic pitch marks may be left unrepaired and in addition to repairing one’s own, please take the time to fix any unrepaired pitch marks left by other players.

Golf Carts

Certain cart drivers are not adhering to the cart policy and instances have been noted where carts are parked next to putting greens. This is not acceptable and not in the interests of other players.

Dry Patches

There are some dry patches on low lying fairways where the grass has died due to high soil salinity. In due course salt tolerant grass will be planted in these areas but this is dependent on adequate water availability.

Fairway areas have been marked as GUR and relief should be taken. Dry patches in the rough are not GUR and the ball must be played as it lies.

Water Matters

In common with the region, the club has limited quantities irrigation water and we cannot irrigate fairways. We are also not allowed to water our trees. Fortunately we had 98 mm of rain in January which has significantly improved the fairway quality.


We welcome comments but also want to enjoy our golf without having to discuss course matters in the clubhouse.

Please address any comments/complaints/ suggestions to Peter Oosthuizen by email to or on paper to Chris Dixon who will pass them on.

For the greens committee
Peter Oosthuizen