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Work has restarted on the course Master Plan as approved at the AGM and our goals are to do as much as we can with as little impact on players as possible.

The following work is underway and has been planned to minimise disruption to play and will be carried out during the period leading up to the winter is as follows:

Hole 1

Removal of palm trees. Balls in these trees often cannot be found or identified which means that the player should play 3 off the tee. This can result in delays and an unpleasant start to a game.

10th-hole-planHole 10 master plan

To fit in with traffic the following work is being undertaken:

  • Remove the berm around the pond left of the approach. This will improve drainage.
  • Utilise the material to shape a landform for proposed fairway bunkering.
  • Turfing of earthworks

Simultaneously, the old tee on hole No 7 will be converted to a gentle  mound and trees will be planted to protect players on 7 from errant shots from hole No 6.

Work still to be done on Hole 10 (Off season)

  • New tees – Championship, forward and ladies
  • Thinning of blue gums
  • Updating of greenside bunkers
  • Drainage pipe from right side dam to left dam

6th-hole-planRe-design of Hole 6

As modified by S Quinn

Current project

  • Extend left bunker up to 200m mark
  • Use removed soil to build: 1. Soft mound to catch balls kicking left, 2: Build new forward and ladies tees

Work still to be done

  • Square off L shaped tee
  • Reroute cart path
  • Remove existing Forward and ladies tees to prevent traffic behind/round 5th green
  • Upgrade greenside bunkers and drainage.

Future works:

Hole 7

  • Fill on top of the right side men’s tee. This mound to be shaped so it can be easily mowed and later planted with trees to protect the left side men’s tee.
  • Fill in the right half of the ditch crossing the fairway, to allow seniors and ladies a fairer tee shot.

Hole 5

  • Remove the large Pepper tree short right of the green.
  • Add a bunker right of the green that relates to the water edge.
  • All cart traffic must be directed to the left of the green.
  • Add trees behind the 5th green to screen the 6th tees.
  • Add a fairway bunker left side of the 5th fairway at 260m.
  • Fill in the fairway bunker short right.

As we are aware that February and March are busy months, the majority of the work will be phased so as not to detract from the playing experience. All construction work is to be treated as G U R.

Sean Tanner & Peter Oosthuizen
For the greens committee