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Dear Member,

I trust you are all practicing the necessary precautions to remain safe while we continue to experience restricted golf and socializing. Herewith an update from your committee.

In the past few week’s we have adapted to many changes including on-line bookings, self- checking in, screening, sanitizing, limited halfway house facilities, no bunker rakes, cups filled with foam, one player per golf cart, no 19th hole etc. Our priority remains your as well as our staff’s safety and we appreciate your compliance thus far. Although our clubhouse remains closed, we are grateful to our staff who have been performing under very trying conditions.

Thank you to our members who have been sending us valuable suggestions and who have made generous contributions towards our caddie relief fund. To date we have collected R172 600 and distributed R206 700 to our 30 registered caddies. You are encouraged to continue contributing to this worthy cause. I am proud to say that our club has exceeded most clubs in this effort.

Since returning to golf on the 13th June, we have to date entertained 2 924 rounds of golf. While we appreciate your support, these are relatively low figures and we sincerely hope that we can be back at our best towards the end of this year.

Due to recent events, we have secured our diesel storage area with electric fencing (a small capital outlay) while retaining security guards on our golf course.


Besides the fantastic weather we have been experiencing, our golf course is in magnificent condition. Well done to all concerned. Thanks to our vice-captain, we will be commencing with club competitions within a fortnight. The protocols around this will be communicated on our website and Facebook page. Essentially, we will re-ignite the usual club competition days and times with some minor changes.

Thus far our revised budget has been tracking actual figures quite closely. We are however reliant on our swallows being able to join us towards the end of the year. A huge thank you to those of you who paid your annual subscriptions earlier than usual and we are excited to welcome 8 new members thus far.

AGM and financials

As you are aware, it is that time of the year when we would usually be hosting our Club’s Annual General Meeting. Given the challenges of gathering as a club and hosting a virtual meeting, we have agreed on postponing our AGM to February 2021 unless we are able to bring this forward. We will however be distributing our Club’s Financial statements, revised budget and Treasurer’s report during the next few weeks for your consideration and approval. Your committee has kindly agreed to remain in their respective roles until February 2021 or as soon as an AGM can be suitably arranged.

While we look forward to the day we can catch up at the 19th hole, we kindly request that you stay updated via our social media sites. Should you have any serious concerns with any of the above content, you are welcome to contact our Club manager or to email me.

Stay safe and happy golfing.

Kevin Horack
On behalf of Knysna Golf Club committee