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The following matters which were discussed at the last greens committee meeting may be of interest to the members :-

Condition of the course

The recent rains have alleviated the impact of the drought to some extent and the course is greening up. Limited liquid fertiliser will be applied to assist in the recovery of the most badly affected areas which have been marked as GUR. The quality of the water used to maintain greens and tees has deteriorated, causing various moss outbreaks. These have been treated and are the reason for some black spots on the greens.


Some housekeeping matters require attention, including replacing divots and pitch mark repair. In future divots on short hole tees will be filled by course staff as in most cases players use too much sand which leads to the tees becoming bumpy.

The course furniture, (sand boxes, bins and water points) have become tired and messy and we are looking at alternatives

Hollow Tining – 17th to 19th September

While the green speed has been excellent the greens are showing signs of thatch build up and the spoil profile is not satisfactory. In order to maintain a decent putting surface through the summer season and into next year, the course will be closed from 17th-19th September and the greens will be hollow tined and top dressed.

In addition the greens surrounds will be scarified and top dressed.

Construction priorities

While the drought caused the masterplan to be suspended due to the inability to water newly planted areas the promising rainfall has allowed us to recommence the programme.
It is our intention to undertake the following:

Hole 6

  • Build new forward and enlarge new ladies tees.
  • Revamp men’s tee.
  • Close cart path to existing ladies tee and improve cart path to new tees

Hole 5

  • Fill and grass fairway bunker right
  • Ease slope on fairway mound to enable better mower access

Hole 13

  • Modernise greenside bunker

Hole 11

  • Open up bunkers for visibility

Hole 12

  • Open up greenside bunkers for visibility

Hole 10

  • Clean up dams.

Tree Programme
Until summer efforts will be focused on removal of dead trees and tidying up scruffy trees and stumps. Sadly the oak tree on the 10th has succumbed to the depredations of the Ambrosia Beetle. It will be removed.

Should the rainfall prove to be steady we will acquire and plant further indigenous species. The trees planted last year have, in the main, stood up well to the drought in spite of our being unable to water them.

From the Greens Committee
P M Oosthuizen
September 2017